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Meet The Crew

Kent Kessinger
Director of Photography

Kent is a story teller from North Carolina, he has made many documentaries dealing with community.


His work has been published in The Washington Post, The Times, Associated Newspapers, New York Post, Wall Street Journal, ABC, CNN and CBS.

 When not working he teaches chess to his daughter and picks on an occasional banjo.


Claudia Suarez

Claudia is passionate about uplifting narratives from her community and using media as a tool to disrupt mainstream narratives. Her films explore the complexities of the migrant experience and themes on resiliency in Oakland. She is the co-founder of East Oakland DREAMers, a non-profit organization focused on mutual aid for migrant communities. When she’s not working on a project, you can find Claudia hiking with her 12-year old disabled dog Sombras who rocks the coolest wheels. 

Baze Interactions

Every set is different, but the goal is the same; storytelling while creating moving pictures that are appealing and captivating.

As a cinematographer, director, grip, Baze has worked on documentaries, sporting/live events, and film sets. Some of her clients include Microsoft, Uninterrupted, and LOVB.


Marc Bayard LoCascio
Audio Engineer

A native of New Orleans who grew up surrounded by ritual and pageantry, Marc got his education at the MIT Media Lab, studying computer music as well as filmmaking under cinema verité pioneer Ricky Leacock. Ricky’s guiding search for “the feeling of being there” has shaped his art ever since. He currently develops Dolby Atmos immersive audio software for major motion pictures, music mixes, and video games — when he is not recording bands or concerts or doing live sound or creating art installations. He is based in a mad art scientist workshop and sound studio in Sebastopol, CA. 

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