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A Pünkösdi Rózsa (The Whitsuntide Rose) - Music Video

Had a good time filming this one. This had an idea I have been wanting to try for a long time. The idea was to film the performers at double time and slow them down in post to appear real time. I took the concept a step further by playing the song in reverse for the dancer to interpret and flipped it in post. So the shots of the dancer in reverse was her actual interpretation of the sound in reverse.

Song: A Pünkösdi Rózsa (The Whitsuntide Rose) Hungarian folk song Performed by: Lily Storm (vocals) Balder ten Cate (cobza, pan flute) Misha Khalikulov (cello) Dance by: Natalie Nayun Album: Lifelines (Balder ten Cate and Friends, 2021) Listen to the album and download it here:

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